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17 Apr 2011


When you left me
My heart shattered into a million little pieces,
My life crumbled under your feet.
As you walked out that door,
You took my soul with you,
Onto that old cobbled street.

At first I could not accept it,
There was no way that you were gone.
I played this song over and over,
Tomorrow he will come back home.
And tomorrow turned into a million yesterdays,
As my life slowly wilted away.
I became a drooping flower,
Thirsting every day.

But still I could find no water,
For my source it was only one.
And it dried up forever for me,
when your love became undone.
I thought I would die without you,
And I slowly counted the days,
When I would meet my savior,
In a loveless haze.

But the days turned into years,
And still I was on this earth,
Nobody came to save me,
From my loveless hearth.

Then one day I finally realized,
That you were never coming back again.
And as long as I kept hoping for you,
My heart would be in pain.
A broken heart shattered in pieces,
Can never love again.

So I opened up my door,
And I stepped gingerly onto that old street.
Walking down that path to love
So scary and yet oh so sweet.

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