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14 Apr 2011


Remember the person is your ex: If you meet your ex boyfriend at some place don't let the emotions to over power you. This is because you must remember that emotions can only weaken your decision. If you broke up because of differences in your views that can't be sorted out, it is better to keep your emotions under your control. The next time you meet your ex boyfriend just talk to him in a friendly manner and keep the conversation short.

Accept the reality: Our life is a long journey, where all our dreams and expectations would not be fulfilled. It is better to accept the situation and move with life. This is one of the best way to deal with your ex boyfriend, if you are required to maintain a relationship with him. The reasons might be because of working in same office or sharing common business interest. Thus, it would be wise if you accept the reality and move with your life. This will give you strength to deal with your ex boyfriend in mature way.

Approach legally: If you have anything to settle about your property or monetary issues or any other issues, it is always advisable to approach legally. Settle your important issues with the help of law to acquire any documents, property issues etc. many times, this step might not be pleasant, but if you take the help of law right from the beginning, any complication regarding the issues will be taken care by the law.

Few things to remember while dealing with your ex boyfriendWhen a relationship comes to an end, it becomes a painful situation. Thus, it is important not to allow oneself to over power with negative feelings like hate or jealousy. If you are finding that your pain is becoming unbearable, share your thoughts with your near and dear ones like mother or father. You can also take the help of your friends or colleagues. The more you share your feelings with you people, you will be able to feel better about yourself and deal with your ex boyfriend. 

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